Pure Water Fill Stations by Hogland

In addition to the most advanced purification technology available, our filtered water systems are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics, continuously monitoring your water quality to ensure healthy, great-tasting water!

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Office Ice & Water Dispenser

The most popular ice/water dispenser in the industry, the i12 dispenses hot and cold water in addition to ice in a sleek, space-saving design and is equipped with our most advanced water purification technology.


Office Ice & Water Dispenser

The i16 is designed with elegance to compliment any workspace. This unit dispenses hot and ambient water and nugget-style ice. Taller than your average countertop unit, the i16 produces 165 lbs. of ice a day and is available with a base for a freestanding option.


Touchless Office Water Purifier

The PW90 is the most hygienic, ergonomic, and technologically advanced water dispenser in the industry. This brand new design utilizes touch-free dispense activation technology.


Countertop Touchless Office Water Purifier

The PW90 CT, our newest countertop model, utilizes the advanced touch-free technologies as its freestanding model. This model is eco-friendly and incorporates scheduled deep clean cycles to assist in the ensure clean, great tasting water.


Captive Touch Water Fill Station

The PW50 utilizes capacitive touch technology offering hot and cold water single-point of dispense design. This model is built with dent-resistant panels and a large drip tray.


Touchless Water Fill Station

The PW70 is a touchless dispense activation system offering hot and cold water at the wave of a hand.  This unit stands elegantly with a glass front panel and a temperature indicating dispense operation.

Under-the-Counter RO System

The Affordable High Quality Water Alternative For Your Office

Our innovative system fits under your sink to ensure a clean office space, all while eliminating the need to order and store jugs of water.
The rental program consists of installation, all servicing and maintenance, and filter changes, so you never have to worry.

Bottleless Water Stations
A Better Solution for Your Hydration Station



Hands-free solution can help you reduce the spread of germs and viruses at your office!

  1. Hands-free (touchless) method of dispensing water created in response to the need for sanitized and low-contact office water solutions.
  2. Clean Contact: The system has an anti-microbial touch pad.
  3. Recessed Nozzle for no contact between container and dispenser


Healthy for Your Employees & Customers Through Our Purification Process

  1. Unlimited supply of Purified Drinking water (4 Stage Filtration & Purification Process)
  2. Optional PH Boost and Minerals with Boost Filter
  3. Oxygen Injection Tank Sanitation
  4. Go Touchless with our Single & Dual Foot Pedals or PSD Sensor!


Be Your Office Hero – Save Your Company Up To 70% By Switching To Bottleless Water Stations

  1. Drink as much as you want with no increase in cost
  2. Unlimited Filter Changes & Maintenance
  3. Don’t pay twice for water!

Are You Properly Cleaning Your Bottled Water Cooler?

BOTTLED Water Cooler Companies Recommend You Must Follow A Regiment Of Cleaning Your Water Cooler Every 2-4 Months!

  1. Bottled Water Coolers Rank 7th As “Germiest Places in Your Office.”
  2. To Fill Your Cup, Typical Office Water Dispensers Aren’t “Safer” Than Regular Tap Water.
  3. Germs Can Get On Bottles During Transport and Delivery. And People Touch The Cooler To Get Their Water Several Times A Day.
  4. $80 Or More For Professional Bottled Cooler Cleaner (Avg, Charge Of Most Bottled Water Cooler Companies)

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