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In addition to the most advanced purification technology available, our filtered water systems are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics, continuously monitoring your water quality to ensure healthy, great-tasting water!

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Touchless Office Water Purifier

The PW90 is the most hygienic, ergonomic, and technologically advanced water dispenser in the industry. This brand new design utilizes touch-free dispense activation technology.


Countertop Touchless Office Water Purifier

The PW90 CT, our newest countertop model, utilizes the advanced touch-free technologies as its freestanding model. This model is eco-friendly and incorporates scheduled deep clean cycles to assist in the ensure clean, great tasting water.

12000 SERIES

Office Ice & Water Dispenser

The most popular ice/water dispenser in the industry, the 12000 dispenses hot and cold water in addition to ice in a sleek, space-saving design and is equipped with our most advanced water purification technology.

15000 SERIES

Office Ice & Water Dispenser

With the ability to produce large quantities of chewable ice, the 15000 is our flagship ice/water dispenser and is the only model in the industry to dispense hot water and offer UV sanitization.

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