Business Card Scanning

An easy way to transfer cards to your computer!

Basic Copying Functions

A review of basic copying functions and quick tricks.

User Code Setup

Track MFP usage and more with user codes.

Tray Settings

Review paper tray settings and bypass usage.

Special Copy Features

Copying a two-sided ID card, N-Up, and more!


Common scan destinations and features.

Printing Booklets

How to create a folded and saddle-stitched booklet.

Print Driver Options

Dive into the print driver and its many features.

Use Preview to Save Paper

How to use the preview function.

Multi-crop Scanning

Why you’d want to use multi-crop scanning.

Manual Stapling

Tips and tricks on manual stapling.

Job Build

The benefits and tricks to using job build.

How to Print Labels

The correct settings for the best output when printing labels.


Learn about the new inner folder on the BP series copiers.

Document Filing

Why you would use document filing and more!

Creating Custom Folders

Create and manage custom folders.

Changing Staples

How to change staples on our various finishers.

Preventing Jams


      1. Make sure paper guides are pushed up against pages
      2. Load paper on the correct side of the drawer
      3. Remove all obstructions from paper tray



      1. How to scan multiple pages at once, creating separate files.

Replace Waste Toner


      1. How to replace the waste toner bottle or box in a Sharp copier.

Microsoft Partner


      1. Hogland is a Microsoft Partner.
      2. Do you have Office 365?

Reversing VS Single Pass Doc Feeder


      1. Single Pass document feeder scans much faster than a reversing document feeder.