SHARP is the leader of amazing offerings, for multi-functional copiers and printers! SHARP never stops their work in research and development to bring new ways of getting business process done faster and easier.
SHARP has refreshed both its color and monochrome document systems, as well as a great new look from the outside to the inside! These new machines have an attractive two-tone exterior color that offers inside smart features and connectivity that enable office workers to collaborate with colleagues seamlessly and securely, even when they are working remotely. A smart and attractive addition to any office or place of business!
Other amazing NEW features are Multi-feed Scan Detection and Auto Skew Correction. Data Storage in today’s world need the features to save valuable time. SHARP simply added it within its products to make your work easier!

Instead of moving all your copied/printed sheets to a separate folder, SHARP built a Multi-function Copier that will handle it all, INSIDE THE COPIER! Now you can Trifold, Z-fold along with other folding options.


“How wonderful is that?”

That’s not all! Both the SHARP Advanced and Essential models are Energy Star 3.0 qualified and RoHS compliant. These products also have one of the lowest TEC (typical energy consumption) values in their category, as well as one of the lowest stand-by power consumption ratings.

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