There was a phrase some time ago… when people were looking to purchase a new car called “kicking the tires”. This was figurative language meant for evaluating the quality of the car. It was highly important when buying a car, because it was a major investment and it needed to be reliable, durable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

These products had their logo turned into both negative and positive messages. For example, “FORD” it was either meant “first on race day” or “found on road dead”. I am sure that the founder of this company heard them all.

But through all this they knew one thing: the customer had every right to “kick the tires”. Many car dealerships, knew that a great way for that to happen, was for the customer to demo the car. They made allowances for customers to take them for a drive or take it home. Put the family in it; show it to the neighbors…get a thumbs up from them! Some ran it by the banker to get funding, particularly if this was going to be used in business. This helped with the decision process.

“Both Apple and Microsoft know that this is still important.”

What about when it comes to acquiring office products and solutions, these are also high investments for your business. Just like back then “kicking the tires”, is still needed on these are major decisions. Both Apple and Microsoft, know that this is still important. They have stores that potential customers can figuratively “kick the tires”.

There is a struggle now between “brick and mortar” and “internet” purchases. I find that both are needed. Do your research online, but then go to the local business and “kick the tires.”  I believe that is the best way to make the best decision, when you are looking for those major purchases.

Do your research online, go to the local business and kick the tires.”