Many have laughed about the 1001 uses for Duct Tape. And, some have found a solution to a difficult problem or situation, contained within. However, usually, these were more of a quick fix, rather than a permanent solution. I don’t think that you should consider “a duct tape solution” to help within your business.

Many think we sell copiers, but we sell Multi-Function Devices! While one of its functions is copying, it offers many other functions and solutions. Comparing today’s copier is like comparing a typewriter to a computer. Both may type a letter, but with a computer there are many other functions. Think about this; we often say I got my cellphone, but cellphones today have many other functions and are often referred to as “smart phones”. You could think of our copiers today as “Smart Copiers.” So, when you need a workflow solution for your business; it may already be right there in your office!

If your copier isn’t a smart copier then you need to call us, we have a solution for that!