Lubbock Texas, according to Wikipedia, is the 11th largest city in Texas out on a list of 68 cities. It is hard to think that Lubbock is 13 places above Midland and 2 places above Irving Texas!

Many have called Lubbock home for a long time, and still hold to the idea that Lubbock is this small city in West Texas.  Similarly, many may think that Hogland Office Equipment is that small little business selling Typewriters to rural School districts.

Not so!

“Hogland Office has changed with Lubbock, bringing the products and services that modern offices, in and around Lubbock, need today! “

20 years ago, many of the products you operated your business with, may not even been around today. This paradigm shift has quickly swept away many businesses, while new ones opened their doors.


Hogland is staying up with Lubbock and if you need to change things up in your office then Hogland’s is your next call!


If you have any stories about Lubbock and how it’s changed or how your business has changed with Lubbock, we’d love to hear from you! Please, comment below!