“Time is money.”

                                   -Benjamin Franklin, Advice to a Young Tradesman

This is such an important thing to consider and I am not sure that this is a phrase that we can totally embrace. What a tremendous task to cover within this blog. Before we can consider this, one must understand the worth of time. If I am working at a company making a set wage, it is easy to say that you exchanged one hour of time for “x” dollars. So, you know what that time cost. But sadly, we never think about tremendous amount of money we lose every time we let time pass by unused.

Our task is to capture and make the most out of the time. What if you are only given so much money and time to complete a task?  You think, “I have plenty of time to complete this task”, so you procrastinate or push it aside to do another less important task. But afterwards, you realize that you can’t complete it within the time allowed. Then what? You add more time, at the same amount of money allowed for this task. Guess what? When you do that, you now lower the amount of money per hour. This causes you to actually lose money each hour it takes to complete!

This is easy to understand, but often not noticed by those being paid by the hour. It is more by those being paid by the job or project. Hence a project manager keeps things moving on schedule.


There is another thief; called procrastination, and it lets other things creep in, and replace the time needed for the task at hand. We let this thief come in today by reading endless emails, tweets or Facebook postings instead of working on the task at hand. We must protect our time and run off all offenders that will try to take over your precious time.

I remember my father saying that the lawn wasn’t going to get mowed by watching TV. With more technological advancement comes more exciting and fun things to easily give into.  We find that we aren’t prepared to take the test, or finish the job on time.


Think about how those that have accomplished so much and how they did it. At the foundation of their success is this simple phrase:



“Time is money” it can also be said “Time is Success.”