3 Things
Should Be:

1. Clean
2. Clear
3. Taste Good


Clean water is water that has be purified by a process of filtration to remove harmful particles. The particles can make you ill. There are many places you could think of where you wouldn’t drink water…like water sitting in an old rusty wheelbarrow in your back yard, or a ditch out by your driveway.

No one wants to risk getting ill or something worse.








Often, we believe we are drinking clean water because the bottle company says so. But unfortunately, when we take clean water and add it to a dispenser, the water becomes contaminated from germs within the dispenser. It’s the same as taking a dirty cup and filling it up with clean water.

Do you really think the water will still stay clean? Nope! We all know better!









Clear water is always a must. I remember seeing a mother giving a drink to her child and, afterwards, noticed that there were things floating around in it. Yuck! The child didn’t mind, but the mother wouldn’t let anyone drink from that cup. We don’t like foreign objects in our drink or in our Ice.

Don’t want to worry you about drinking Tea, Coffee and not able to see if your water is clear?

There is another way to know…it’s the Taste.


Good tasting water is important when you are thirsty, after exercise or simply from working. Nice, cold, great tasting, water is a welcomed thing. Did you know that having the water chilled or cold desensitizes your taste buds?  Its not that the water tastes good, but that’s simply it wet and cold.






















If you are looking for water that is Clean, Clear, and Tastes good, please, reach out to us for a free water test and inspection of your water dispenser!

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