Recently one of our staff was sitting at their desk opening all the incoming mail for the day. On this particular day more than half all the envelopes weren’t sealed at all! For us this could have been a catastrophe since most of our incoming mail contains checks. Each industry or business type is different but almost all have the need to have mail sent securely as a top priority.

Since we sell postage meters and folding/inserting machines we know a thing or two about how mail gets processed. Having an envelope that is unsealed often doesn’t result in the loss of the contents, but it could. Maybe a bigger area of concern is privacy or compliance, especially in healthcare or the financial sectors. One single unsealed envelope could result in a fine of up to $50,000 for a single HIPAA violation.

Our companies are responsible and liable for protecting customer and employee’s personal, medical, and financial details. If we had lost just one payment check from a large customer how would that affect our business? What all would we have to do just to fix the situation? First, we would have to make a call and ask for payment… to which they would probably say, “we already paid that!” And round and round we go. The delay in payment would be a burden, but more detrimentally it could easily strain our business relationship as we have our employees contacting their employees seeking payment.

Of course, there is a solution and it’s not this one!

Nobody wants to lick those nasty envelopes… who even knows where they have been or what they have on them??? YUCK!

(If you watch the show Seinfeld you know that licking cheap envelopes could cost you your life!)

All of our new FP postage meters come standard with a manual or even an automatic envelope sealer depending on the model. These use a combination of a reservoir, sponge, and a brush to mechanically moisten the glue on your envelopes and seal each one.

If you have a postage meter with an automatic feeder-sealer not only will it automatically process a stack of envelopes, but it will seal each one and will automatically shut down if it detects an envelope that didn’t get sealed with its seal check technology.

Why did we receive so many unsealed letters?

There is probably lots of possible reasons. Maybe someone forgot, maybe it was moistened but never was pressed, it could even be that it went through a sealer in a postage meter, but it was out of sealing solution.

Whatever the case Hogland has got all the tools to get the job done!

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If you want to see how much a time and energy can be saved using a folder/inserter checkout this comical video.