Unquestionably the age of technology has vastly changed the way businesses operate with increased speed of communication, document production and replication. Similarly, security issues have grown well beyond the need to throw away a carbon copy. In fact, successful offices today are alert and attuned to security issues throughout their businesses and have detailed security protocols in place.

Documents are shredded to prevent Dumpster Diving. Firewalls are installed to prohibit hackers. Employees are trained to refrain from opening unsolicited emails, responding to phishing emails, or transmitting sensitive information without encryption. Passwords are unique and changed regularly and even physical security has been increased with limited access to buildings, file cabinets, and networks. With these measures in place, one would expect security to be almost unbreachable, but one important area often remains unprotected: copying and printing devices! State-of–the-art copiers, printers, fax machines, and multifunctional devices are all potential security hazards.

When these machines improved from analog to digital operations, they became much more efficient, but caused new confidentiality problems. In recent years these devices contain a hard drive that renders them a computer in disguise. Failure to recognize this fact meant no measures were taken to deal with erasing a hard drive and, therefore, information was subject to theft!


Maintaining and securing confidential information is the user’s responsibility, but Hogland’s understands the problems and knows the solutions. Whether the goal is to protect a business, or to comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Gramm-Leach, the tools are available.


Contact Hogland Office Equipment, for help and to begin the process, when evaluating the equipment and make security part of the equipment solution!