Flu and COVID and colds, oh my. Lots of hands touch your copier, so the touchscreens and operation panels should be cleaned and sterilized! But, is it as easy as taking a Clorox wipe to your multifunction printer surfaces, or will that cause more harm than good?

The short answer is – kind of? Although cleaning your copier is easy, there are some things you may not be aware of, so we answered common questions below.

How often should I clean my copier?

Consider how often your copier is used, and the amount of people that use it. If your copier gets a lot of traffic, you may want to wipe it down each time you use it. As long as it’s done properly, cleaning after each use is fine. If Synappx Go is being utilized for touchless operation of the device, you may not need to clean it as often.

What should I use to clean my copier?

Good news! Most types of anti-bacterial sprays can be used on a cloth to clean the operations panels, touchscreens and drawers of the device. Only clean the exterior touch surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting equipment.

What shouldn’t I use?

Never use abrasives or chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, acetone, peroxide or other cleaning agents on equipment as these can damage the finish as well as damage electrical components. Also, do not use an alcohol/water mixture that is stronger than 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Should I spray directly onto the machine?

Never spray cleaning solutions on equipment. A lightly moistened lint-free or microfiber cleaning cloth should be used to gently clean your copier and printer. Vigorous scrubbing with a cloth should not be needed if you are using a powerful cleaning solution. Avoid paper towels or tissues as they are often rough and could damage the surface of the device.

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