The lifeblood of any business that offers a service to the public is communication with its customer base. Providing new and existing customers with a reliable way to get in contact with your business leads to increased revenue and an overall better customer experience. A VoIP system from Hogland Office Works can help you take the next step in doing just that.

Take Your Office With You

Having an exceptional phone system at your office is crucial, but in today’s everchanging world, it is just as important to be able to take your office with you wherever you go. Whether you are out of the office working on a job, out and about checking the status of work in progress, or on your way to meet with a prospective client, we all have times when we are not in the office and available to take calls.

By adding a soft phone app to your cell phone or laptop you can take your office phone with you wherever you go. The app works as a mobile extension to your office phone and allows you to make and answer call just like you were sitting in your office. Any call made from your soft phone will show up on caller ID as if you were calling from your office.

You are also able to transfer calls to other extensions in the office and have calls transferred to you on the go. This provides small business owners with a high level of accessibility without having to give out a mobile number to customers.

Increased Work/Life Balance

Does your work phone ring at all hours of the day, even when you are not at work? By using a VoIP system instead of a mobile phone as your point of contact you set the hours that your phone rings, and the times that it goes to voicemail, giving you the ability to control your work/life balance better.

This can be on a set schedule, or you can simply set your phones status to busy to achieve this. You still have full access to your customers but can control the access they have to you to achieve your desired balance between work and life.

Fewer Spam Calls

Auto dial calls from telemarketers and sham companies are becoming more commonplace every day. Any call that a small business gets is a potential customer and needs to be answered to continue to drive revenue, and it is frustrating to answer the phone only to find it has nothing to do with business. With a customizable auto attendant that not only helps route calls to the proper person, you can drastically reduce these types of calls because they are not able to provide a response to your phone system. It could be as simple as press 1 for sales or 2 for service, or as complex as your business requires, but it can help get people in touch with the person they need while drastically reducing the spam calls you receive on a daily basis.

A VoIP system from Hogland Office Works can increase the productivity and make any small business more accessible to its customers, while reducing spam calls and providing your desired work/life balance. Give us a call today for a free assessment and let us show you what Hogland can do for YOU!


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