How do you really know that your water is clean, pure, and healthy? Doctors say drink 8 glasses of water a day. I think it’s a given, that water be healthy.

“Hey, it is municipal water, i.e., tap water, so it’s been inspected. It’s safe and healthy to drink.”

Most people don’t take their water to a laboratory to see how healthy it is.

How many times do we hear the news that a waterline broke, and now a boil water alert is issued?

Hogland cares about the water you drink.

Many people carry water bottles to drink? But that’s getting more and more expensive. Now many people refill their empty water containers at the fountain.

But how safe is it, does the management do the routine cleaning inside and out to make sure its safe and healthy?

There is only one way of testing the water for what is called “TDS” Total Dissolved Solids.

This means the amount of “inorganic salts” which can be found in water. Basically speaking, this is anything that contaminates the purity of the water. Some of these solids can cause a huge amount of health issues.

Using a TDS meter can yield the following results:

Ideal drinking water is from 0-50 TDS

Acceptable drinking water is from 50-150

Average tap water is from 160-400 TDS.

*TDS salts include calcium, potassium, chloride, sulfates and many more.

“Our water systems bring down your high unhealthy water down to Ideal drinking water.”

I was shocked the other day to see water testing around 700 TDS.

Many people don’t have a problem with filtering or conditioning their water to protect their water pipes or appliances. They avoid drinking it, which is good, but they install a water jug cooler, only to end up with great water now, that is then introduced, and distributed, by an unclean appliance.

Let us help you do both, provide healthy, safe, good tasting water and a clean way of dispensing it for you.


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