When it comes time to end the lease on an office copier, I am often asked,


“What do I need to do, now?”


We get excited when we can purchase something and get FREE shipping. It is one of those things we have come to expect when we order something online these days. However, with a copier lease, you will find that you have very limited choices. Either keep the equipment in place, and keep monthly payments. Or, the incumbent will want to handle shipping expenses within the upgrade. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t always address that subject, and tries to get the customer to go back to the previous vendor to handle the expense.

This usually doesn’t go smoothly!  While a customer has a piece of equipment that is under a lease, they are responsible for it while it is in their building and when it comes time to return it. It is almost always the responsibility and expense of the customer as leasee. This equipment can weight up to several hundred pounds, which requires trucking companies to move this equipment across the country, therefore making it very costly. This can add up to several hundred dollars, which often comes as a shock when revealed.
There are two questions to consider before you take a lower priced offering.

    1: What is it going to cost to purchase the equipment?

    2: What is it going to cost to ship the equipment back, where the lessors require it?



Please, contact us if you have questions about this or other concerns that we can help you with!