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Imagine writing on a Whiteboard, even if you’re not in the room.



Easy to Use | No Computer Required | Effective Collaborative Meetings

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Are you still doing meetings the old-school way? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your whiteboard?

Everyone loves their whiteboard because it is so simple and easy to use – until you want to share what’s on it. Then, you feel the pain of being stuck in an analog world, when every other device we depend on is digital. Not to mention that when you use a whiteboard, you run out of space and you can’t insert images.

Stop taking pictures of the notes on your whiteboard or painting entire rooms with whiteboard paint.



Reinvent your whiteboard!

Step into the modern age with BrightLink Pro. Turn your existing whiteboard, wall or table into an efficient, interactive area.

  • It works just like your dry-erase board, digitally. Turn it on and start writing
  • Add a digital page when you run out of space
  • Insert an image or other content you want to include
  • Connect from mobile devices
  • Share the notes instantly when you’re finished; use the email, save and print functions – all without a computer

BrightLink Pro reinvents the whiteboard for today’s workforce, making meetings more efficient and collaboration within the room or across the globe easier than ever.



Can’t see it? Too many meeting tools?

The importance of readability is something you learn the hard way – when you are struggling to read the quarterly report. Smaller displays are good for videos and photos, but text and charts require larger fonts.

Are you investing in all those typical meeting tools – a whiteboard, a flip chart, a projector, a flat-panel display and your laptop – but can’t find a way to make them work together?



Bring them together in one device.

BrightLink Pro consolidates the utility of whiteboards, projectors and interactive displays. It is easy to install, works in well-lit rooms, and provides a large display area to share and show content from and with various participants.

Enjoy a full 100″ display – 3x as big as a 60″ flat panel – for an optimal viewing experience and clear readability from as far as 18′ away.





Share your whiteboard.

Write. Share. Collaborate. In real time from multiple devices, anywhere.

Work together, even if you’re not in the same room.

Connect from the same network – or if you are working remotely, use VPN and join the meeting from your computer, mobile device or another BrightLink Pro. See the notes at the end of the meeting.


Share your content with up to 15 other devices.

For even more effective meetings, share your whiteboard with up to 15 devices, including:

  • Any supported mobile device with a web browser
  • Any other BrightLink Pro 1420Wi or 1430Wi


Unified communications/video conferencing display.

Use BrightLink Pro as a 100″ display with your unified communications and other video conferencing applications:

  • Use it with computer-based solutions such as WebEx, GoToMeeting or Microsoft Lync
  • Also works with standalone systems such as Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco or Lync Room Solution Systems
  • Or, simply plug your video conferencing equipment into BrightLink Pro

Split Screen for more productive meetings.

There are big benefits with large image. With the Split Screen feature, you can project two images (video or stills) side-by-side from two different sources simultaneously. You can also choose from three layout options, swap images, or select the source for the audio.






BYOD and easily collaborate.

Bring your own device and connect to BrightLink Pro to share your content with others. Connect your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android device or computer wirelessly. you can even join a whiteboarding session remotely using your mobile device and collaborate. And, when the meeting is finished, there’s no need to take a picture of the notes. Simply download, email, save or print them.



Perfect for huddle spaces.

Are you constantly searching for a place to hold quick, impromptu meetings? Is the conference room always taken? Install a BrightLink Pro on any blank wall – in the cafeteria, common area or huddle space – and there you have it. The perfect place to have ad hoc discussions, share content from your laptop or mobile device, or even collaborate remotely with those out in the field.



It’s all at your fingertips with Finger Touch.

Turn your whiteboard into a giant tablet. The BrightLink Pro 1430Wi is finger-touch-enabled, so in addition to pens, it allows you to use your fingers to enlarge, scroll, swipe and do other familiar gestures.



Fully compatible with your computer.

Though it doesn’t require a computer to work, BrightLink Pro can be connected to your computer. Either connect a USB cable from your computer to BrightLink Pro, or use Epson EasyMP Network Projection software to interact wirelessly.  Basically, you can do everything you typically do on your computer – all on your whiteboard. The board becomes your monitor, and the pen or your finger becomes your mouse.



Turn any flat surface into an interactive area.

Why be limited by the area of your existing whiteboard? BrightLink Pro can be used to turn any plain wall, table or existing whiteboard into an interactive area. It’s the perfect solution, whatever the task at hand. And, you don’t need dedicated area. Use it on any blank space – in hospitality areas, restaurants, and more.

Attach the table mount to a regular or drafting table to use BrightLink Pro for an array for engineering, training and creative applications.



Bring premium design to your bedroom or office.

BrightLink Pro offers an optional all-in-one mount, available in a sleek aluminum finish. It comes with a whiteboard, frame, mount and valance and is available in 87″ and 100″ diagonal sizes.

Epson projector sold separately. All-in-one mount option sold separately from Chief Mounts.

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Peace-of-mind ownership.

When you buy an Epson product, it’s backed by our industry-leading service and support. It’s called the Epson Road Program, and if anything goes wrong with your product while it’s under warranty, we’ll send another unit Net Business Day to the United States or Canada, absolutely free of charge. Of course, we can offer such impressive service because Epson delivers road-tested reliability – which means it’s unlikely you’ll need it.




If you would like to take advantage of any of these great products, please; click below!