Hogland Office Equipment

Hogland DiamondLet me introduce Hogland Office Equipment to you with some brief history. Mr. George Hogland moved to Lubbock, Texas as partner in an office equipment business, back when typewriter sales and service were the leading part of business.

In 1962 Mr. Hogland bought out his partner and changed the name from Lubbock Office Suppliers Inc, to Hogland Office Equipment. Through the years he built a solid reputation for having great products and service.

Hogland Office Equipment sold and serviced Royal typewriters across the South Plains from Monahans to Childress.

It continued into the early 1980’s as technology was changing in a big way. Little did we know how big! Typewriters went from being manual to electric to electronic to digital which enabled them to work faster, quieter and with memory. Then the word processors and computers came into the marketplace.

Around 1988 Mr. Hogland was looking at some new technology to fill the shrinking typewriter business. He found it, the “Document Reproduction Market” known as the office copier. Many had equipment from a company that invented the concept. But different manufactures such as Kyocera, Sharp, Minolta, and Ricoh soon followed by setting up dealerships to compete in this new opportunity.

Hogland Office Equipment began its progression from being a typewriter company to being a copier company. The products changed but the core business philosophy stayed the same. Hogland Office Equipment continued to not only move into the “Document Reproduction Market” but became a strong leader in the market.

With technology moving at a fast pace the evolution in the “Office Copier” likewise evolved from the duplicators that operated by hand, to electric, to electronic to now digital copiers with unbelievable features and color.

Hogland Office Equipment changed ownership in 2004 to Mr. Hogland’s son-in-law and daughter, DJ and Kathy Hastings. Mr. Hastings was a major part of the transition in 1988 from typewriters to copiers. Hogland Office Equipment celebrated its 50th year providing the very best in products and services in 2012.

Last of all, Hogland Office Equipment has withstood the test of time from technology to technology with the same standard of commitment and dedication that started in 1962.


You can trust your business decisions to Hogland Office Equipment!


D. J. Hastings

President Hogland Office Equipment