Introducing the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-X1100 Copier

Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 Copier



Today, the business world has a new standard for high speed document handling and output in production environments with the introduction of the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX M1100 monochrome document systems. From walk-up office environments and corporate data centers to high-volume CRD and service bureaus, these top-of-the-line Sharp document systems will provide new capabilities for the end-user as well as opportunities for business growth. With flexible and versatile options from paper feed to finishing, as well as highly customizable software architecture, the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 adhere to the principles that have made Sharp document systems the award-winning choice. COUNT ON SHARP’S AWARD-WINNING HISTORY If our history offers insight into the future, then you can rest assured that when you invest in one of the new Sharp MX-M850, MX-M950 and MX-M1100 document systems, you will be choosing the proven Sharp heritage of document imaging. Independent industry authorities including Buyer’s Laboratory, Inc., Better Buys for Business, Inc., and BERTL have consistently recognized the superlative achievements that set Sharp ahead of the competition. Awards include Product Line of the Year, Best Security Solutions, Innovation Awards, IT Friendliness and Editors’ Choice. We earned them in the past. Expect them in the future!


Industry experts have acknowledged that Sharp knows how to build a great MFP. And with the demand for a Sharp entry in the production segment, our market planning, research and development teams called for more than an upgrade to our current product line. It meant new thinking from start to finish in order to bring Sharp performance to new markets. This “clean sheet” approach to engineering the Sharp MX-M850, MX-M950 and MX-M1100 MFPs means every customer in the marketplace can enjoy the same level of satisfaction that current Sharp MFP owners have come to appreciate. Sharp’s new flagship models will help redefine our position in the production market space. With three engine speeds (85ppm/95ppm/110ppm), standard networking and flexible configurations to target specific business needs, it’s time to think Sharp for production environments.

Each Sharp MX-M850, MX-M950 and MX-M1100 document system can be customized with a variety of options to create a unique solution for every challenging production setting. Whether you choose the 85ppm solution for walk-up or corporate environments, the mid-range 95ppm alternative or the powerful 110ppm system, you can be assured that Sharp can configure a system that’s right for any environment.

  • The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems have been engineered and built from the ground up to handle the rigid demands of production environments, easily producing hundreds of thousands of pages per month.
  • Durability, reliability, and productivity were key components in Sharp’s engineering philosophy and design specifications when developing these high-volume workhorses. With new standards, new markets, and new benchmarks, these high-speed monochrome document systems fit perfectly into CRD, corporate office and print-for-pay as well as the most challenging print-on-demand environments.
  • Each Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document system can be customized with a variety of options to create a unique solution for every challenging production setting. Whether you choose the 85ppm solution for walk-up or corporate environments, the mid-range 95ppm alternative or the powerful 110ppm system, you can be assured that Sharp can configure a system that’s right for any environment.

Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 Copier


From conception to execution, the goal in any production environment is performance. And that’s why Sharp engineered breakthrough performance features into the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100. These are precision design characteristics you can’t see, but will certainly appreciate in daily use. SUPERIOR PAPER SUPPORT Among the best in class by virtually all measures including an 8-way paper supply and paper capacity up to 8,050 sheets. HIGH-VISIBILITY CONTROL PANEL 10.4-inch (measured diagonally) color LCD touch- screen display with monitor status light easily visible from across the room. FAST PRINT PERFORMANCE Outputs data-intensive documents, presentations, or image files in as little as 7 seconds.* ADVANCED SCANNING CAPABILITY Sharp’s 250 sheet duplex single-pass feeder with Scan2 technology can scan two-sided documents in a single pass, maximizing productivity while minimizing paper handling. STANDARD NETWORK INTERFACE These powerful machines are fully network ready and offer web-based device management for easy configuration and set-up. EASY SERVICEABILITY Long life drum (OPC) with up to 1 million impressions; slide-out components save space when maintenance is needed; 500,000 impression PM cycle; continuous running through toner replenishment process.


The key to implementation of any production document system in the workplace is the flexibility to configure the machine for the variety of applications it needs to perform and its versatility to please a wide base of users as well as business applications. Sharp’s MX-M850/M950/M1100 document systems excel in their ability to customize hardware and software configurations from paper input to document management and finished output. Businesses can easily add powerful network printing that offers point-and-click simplicity.


The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 Copier also comes standard with 1.28 GB of standard memory, enabling them to be the hub of productivity even in buy workgroups. An 80 GB HDD ensures robust processing power for large complex jobs.

  • Copying and printing up to 170 lb. index to produce a variety of documents in-house.
  • Security-enabled NIC Interface to restrict user access with IP/MAC Filtering, plus port control and protocol management.
  • Versatile application integration with Shapr OSA technology enables users to access network applications right from the LCD Panel.
  • My Sharp provides comprehensive 24-hour online end-user training.

Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 Copier


Designed for high-volume production environments, the new Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 series document systems deliver lightning-fast output with robust multi-tasking performance, so your workflow never misses a beat. With a standard paper capacity of 3,000 sheets expandable to 8,050 sheets, the MX-M850/M950/M1100 series document systems can manage large scale jobs with incredible efficiency. Plus, a flexible paper handling system combined with a wide range of supported media allows these powerful performers to meet the needs of any high-volume production environment. For large volume copy jobs or print jobs, choose from either the 4,550-sheet letter-size triple paper tray or the 4,000-sheet ledger-size triple paper tray—which supports paper weights up to 170 lb. index! For even more flexibility add the optional 500-sheet auto-bypass tray.



1. 4,000-sheet 3-Drawer Ledger-Size Large Capacity Tray provides greater paper capacity for uninterrupted runs of high-volume jobs, even up to 12″ x 18″.
2. Operation Panel features highly-visible and graphically intuitive 10.4″ color LCD touch- screen covering all operations from input to finishing, as well as machine diagnostics.
3. Standard Duplexing Single Pass Feeder with Scan2 technology; multi-bypass tray has a large 250 original sheet capacity.
4. Main Unit can be configured with a variety of input and output hardware options, as well as software options that include network color scanning, network printing, Super G3 faxing and more.
5. Inserter enables you to insert pre-printed covers and inserts to your documents, for truly professional results.
6. Z-Folding Unit automatically folds pages to accommodate professional document distribution.
7. Saddle Unit delivers a wide range of finishing capabilities including center folding and stapling.
8. Finisher provides robust stapling capabilities for any application up to 100 sheets.


Easy-to-use touch screen display

The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems utilize a 10.4″ touch-screen color display, which offers large easy-to-read text and icon-driven graphics, as well as large easy-to-see menus that are intuitive and easy to navigate. This unique display features a Customizable User Interface that allows the touch-screen to display “short-cut” keys that can be programmed to provide instant access to the features your business uses most often.

High-efficiency scanning

For optimum productivity, the new MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems offer Sharp’s award-winning Scan2 technology. This innovative technology utilizes dual scan heads to simultaneously scan both sides of a document in a single pass, minimizing paper misfeeds and improving reliability. Additionally, with Sharp’s newly designed 250-sheet duplex single pass document feeder, documents are scanned at up to 120 images-per-minute on the MX-M1100, so even large projects are completed quickly. For even more versatility, add the optional Color Expansion Kit.*

Professional finishing

The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems offer several modular finishing options to automate your output as well as give your documents a professional appearance. The optional 100-Sheet Stapler Finisher speeds through large projects, giving you complete control over deadlines. The 15-Sheet Saddle Unit can center staple documents to create professional looking booklets on letter, legal, ledger or 12″ x 18″ size paper. For even more versatility, the MX-M850/M950/M1100 offer modular options for Z-Folding, Inserting and Hole-Punching.


True multi-tasking with dual processing

The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems feature a 64 bit, multi-tasking controller that delivers copy, fax and print jobs continuously for optimum efficiency. Other controllers only perform one operation at a time. But the MX-M850/M950/M1100 continually processes incoming jobs even while existing jobs are output. The result? A workflow that never slows down—even at crunch time.

Convenient USB support

The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 also support popular USB memory devices for today’s on-the-go professionals. Scan files directly to a USB device, or simply plug in and print directly without creating network traffic.  Most popular industry-standard file formats are supported, including TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and Encrypted PDF.*

Security at your fingertips

Get the control and security you need to minimize risk in today’s changing office environment. The MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 support LDAP with integrated User Authentication. Workgroups can set up rights to features and functions, providing unprecedented control over usage and costs. With controls for up to three levels of identification, you can protect sensitive documents from being scanned, faxed or e-mailed—so your data is never compromised.

Convenient and secure e-mail distribution

With LDAP, there’s no need to manually enter a recipient’s complete e-mail address. Simply enter the first few characters and the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 automatically searches and displays a list of matching names. And with the Unique File Naming feature, you can enter specific file names with custom subject fields, so it’s easier to recall files when you need them.

Powerful Super G3 faxing

The optional Super G3 Fax Kit delivers lightning-fast faxing for busy workgroups. Integrated PC Faxing allows you to fax a document directly from your desktop. With the Finisher installed, you can collate, staple and/or copy inbound faxes, so they’re ready to distribute, saving time. Inbound Fax Routing allows you to set parameters so that faxes can be sent directly to your e-mail address, giving mobile users the ability to check on incoming orders, purchase orders, and more. Settings can be easily managed through the user-friendly web page. For additional savings, the optional Internet Fax Expansion Kit can help reduce long-distance phone costs.



The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems provide powerful functionality for your business so you can immediately leverage your previous investments in data management infrastructure. While others are limited to a small circle of productivity, Sharp’s newest innovation, the Sharp OSATM development platform, allows users to leverage the power of their back-end systems right from the control panel. It’s really a new way of thinking with “power at the panel” for automation of tasks and a streamlined workflow.

You’ll save time and increase the efficiency of everyday tasks with Sharp OSA technology because it can be virtually seamless to the user. Any Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 anywhere in the organization can display choices that were once only available on a desktop PC. With one-touch access to business applications via Sharp OSA integration, you can start and finish a document distribution task without worry.

flexible access to documents and applications…no matter where you are in the office. You also get the controlled access and tracking capability you require with tighter integration capabilities for network security and accounting applications. With such comprehensive control, you’ll be able to manage your document workflow easily, efficiently, and more securely.

Sharp OSA technology also provides customization. With the ability to personalize applications and processes specific to your business, Sharp OSA technology can help eliminate redundancy and streamline workflow, helping to save time and optimize productivity. And since Sharp OSA technology utilizes industry-standard network protocols such as SOAP, XML, and XHTML, third- party software developers can deliver customized solutions to your business faster than ever. The Sharp OSA development platform is the logical choice as a complement to your existing infrastructure because the MX-M850/M950/M1100 becomes the gateway to providing fast.


Account codes

Account management enables administrators to control access functions (Copy, Scan, Fax, and Print) and to monitor usage.

Helps keep your documents confidential

To help protect your printed documents from unauthorized viewing, the MX-M850/M950/M1100 supports IPPS protocol and offers confidential printing that requires users to enter a PIN code in order to print a queued document—making it easier to comply with healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

Network scanning access

To protect your network from unauthorized e-mail communications, the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 authentication supports SMTPS, FTPS and user authentication, requiring users to login before performing any network scanning operations.

Control device access over the network

To help restrict access to the device over the network, the MX-M850/M950/M1100 offers:
• Secure Socket Layer (SSL Encryption)
• IPv6 and IPsec
IP/MAC address filtering, protocol enable/disable and port management for maximum security.

Data erase and encryption

To help protect your data, the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 offers an optional Data Security Kit that encrypts document data in compliance with using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Additionally, the Data Security Kit erases the temporary memory on the hard drive by overwriting the encrypted data up to seven times, providing an unprecedented level of assurance.

Tracking and auditing information

Legislation and industry policies require companies to be more aware of information flow. Sharp offers both built-in and additional hardware/software which allows users to control, access and track usage of each device on the network.

These scalable security offerings aim to protect your intellectual property, preserve confidential information and help your business to meet regulatory requirements, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act ( ). For additional information visit:


Managing the digital workflow has never been easier—and more seamless

Powerful, flexible and intuitive, SharpdeskTM software enables you to easily integrate scanned documents into your everyday workflow. Easy-to-use tools help you organize, edit, even combine scanned files, for maximum productivity. The Search and Index feature provides sophisticated tools that enable you to retrieve archived Sharpdesk documents with incredible ease.

Automated forms management and distribution

Sharp’s MX-M850/M950/M1100 integrate fluently with Reform Enterprise by FabSoftTM. With the ability to automatically route documents to a fax or e-mail address, MFP, printer, or FTP site, Reform speeds up your workflow and saves valuable time. Plus you can customize forms, invoices, and other transactional documents, enabling you to automate processing while maintaining a professional image.

Advanced document filing and archiving

Sharp’s MX-M850/M950/M1100 document systems are compatible with Liberty’s Doc2NETTM, enabling you to capture, organize, retrieve, and secure documents. With structured indexing, full text search capabilities, and output and distribution capabilities via fax, e-mail, and print, Doc2NET delivers quick and convenient access to shared documents for the entire workgroup. Scan images can be sent directly from the MFP to the Doc2NET cabinet using the MX-AMX1 option.

Easy integration with document imaging

eCopy® ShareScanTM allows the MX Monochrome Series’ scanning function to integrate with a multitude of Enterprise Content Management packages you may already be using.

The Sharp Administration Utility Suite

To help you manage the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 and the host of versatile features, Sharp designed the Administration Utility Suite, a collection of easy-to-use software that can simplify the installation, monitoring, and use of the Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100 document systems.

HoglandEquitrac Office

Additionally, Sharp offers Equitrac Office® and Equitrac Express®, options with extensive reporting and security controls.

Standard Print/Copy/Scan Tracking

The Sharp MX-M850/MX-M950/MX-M1100’s versatile functionality will make it the most widely-used printer in the workgroup. To monitor and track all of this activity, Sharp includes standard copy/print accounting controls. The Print/Copy/Scan auditor enables administrators and IT Managers to track usage by ID number (up to 1000 accounts) as well as by PIN code authorization.

Hogland Office

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