Instant Heart Rate App

Instant Heart Rate App

Gadget for Girls did a YouTube video on the app Instant Heart Rate. I just down loaded it and have been playing with it.  This Instant Heart Rate has a very good rating in the iTunes store. It is easy to use.  Watch the following video about it:



The Instant Heart Rate app is pretty easy. Just put your finger on the camera and check your heart rate. You can also record the results for later viewing.  Add a memo about the record. Also share on Facebook and Twitter.

The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 according to the jury of industry experts and as seen on Dr. OZ show.


– Heart pulse measurement 
– Real-time PPG graph
– Continuous or Auto-Stop mode
– Heart Rate Zones
– Pulse waveform graphs
– One week data storage and tags
– Export data for registered users
– Sharing to Twitter and Facebook 
– StandUP test for fatigue and fitness testing as an in-app purchase.


What is one of your favorite app’s on your phone????