Got Jams

If you have a copier or printer in your office, odds are you probably have had a jam or two.  Jams can cause a lot of frustration.  If you notice a jam, let someone know.  Don’t just leave the machine with a jam for the next person to deal with.  Most jams are due to the paper being loaded incorrectly into the machine. Here are a few tips to prevent jams next time you load paper into the machine.

Loading Tips


1. Make sure the paper is stacked straight and even in the tray.

2. Never overload a copier with paper.

3. Check the ream of paper.  Most paper should be loaded seam side down, unless the paper says differently.

4. Also fanning the paper (see picture) makes sure their is space between the sheets. Fanning Paper 5. What brand of paper are you using?  Some brands may not work with your machine. Consider trying another brand if you are having a lot of issues with your current paper.

These few tricks are brought to you by your friendly Hogland’s Service Department.

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