GeoPalz pedometers.

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GeoPalz won the best active toy for 2012. If you a parent trying to encourage your child to stay active, this is a perfect solution. You may have seen ibitz adult pedometers, they’re made by the same company that makes GeoPalz. After watching the review by Jakie (see video below) I went to the GeoPalz web page to learn more. GoePalz is a really neat product. They have so many fun styles to pick from and at a reasonable price. They do not connect by bluetooth. You have to manually enter all the data into the computer, this is one reason the product is cheaper. You can purchase GeoPalz through their web page or on Amazon. Amazon has over 30 reviews on this product. Browsing through the reviews the biggest complaint I noticed was how hard it is to open the front panel. A few said they lost it and suggested getting the strap that will keep you from losing the GeoPalz. Overall, this looks like a very interesting product. ┬áThe rest of the reviews were very informative.


GeoPalz review by Gadget’s for Girls.