The idea of being able to print in 3D has been around for a while. It has become easier for businesses to own a 3D printer along with using one. Create ideas on your computer,  upload your ideas into the printer and wait for the magic to happen.

3D printers use instructions uploaded from a computer aided design program to make a digital blueprint. A person can design their item and connect their computer to the 3D printer and watch as the printer builds the object before their eyes.

Charles Hull invented the first commercial 3D printer in 1986. Hull is listed under the National Inventors Hall of Fame for inventing this product. Hull and his colleagues made videos to show how the 3D printer worked. Now almost 30 year later, this printer is changing how many companies print! 

Now you will see many articles about how 3-D printing. People are finding many ways to use this new technology, with ideas from replacing lost lego bricks to creating prosthetic appliances.

You will also see 3D printers have been mentioned in popular tv shows and other social media. Big Bang Theory even featured a 3d printer in an episode!

In the March 2015 issue of “Inc.”, the article “The revolution will be (3D) printed” talks about how these new printers are changing the way we do business. The article states how users agree; the machine is so easy to operate.  You don’t have to be a architect or engineer to print an item. Programs like SketchUP allow people to share ideas and designs.  It even shows pictures of a dress made with a 3D printer!

Another article found on the internet talks about an apartment building made with a 3D printer. Can you imagine living in a house built with a 3D printer?  Would you live in one?
These are only a few example of how 3D printing can change how we print.

If you owned a 3D printer, what would you print?

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